Pub and Restaurant Insurance

Pub and Restaurant Insurance

Pub and Restaurant owners face a number of risks on a day to day basis, such as theft, flooding and compensation claims from customers if things go wrong. If you own a pub, restaurant, wine bar, or micropub, pub and restaurant insurance a is something that you should consider to make sure your business is protected.

When you’re running a fast-paced business such as a pub, wine bar, micropub or restaurant, it can sometimes seem like there are never enough hours in the day – however having the appropriate pub or restaurant business insurance in place is really important. Find out how The Yorkshire Broker can help to protect your business today.

What is pub and restaurant insurance?

Pubs and Restaurants operate in a high-risk environment, and on a daily basis there is the threat of an accident that involves either an employee or customer occurring. Due to the nature of working in a food and drink service environment, the possibility of a spill or slip taking place is high, as well as a customer potentially suffering an allergic reaction to one of your dishes. As a result, it’s important to ensure that you have the appropriate commercial pub or restaurant insurance cover in place to protect your business if things go wrong. For example, if someone slipped on a wet floor and injured themselves, would you be able to afford the financial loss if they pursued legal action?

Whether you run a chain of restaurants, pubs, a wine bar or micropub, restaurant insurance provides cover for a range of business needs, with several cover options available depending on your requirements.

Types of pub and restaurant insurance covers

If you operate within the bar and restaurant industry, there are several types of insurance cover to consider. These include:

  • Business contents insurance: It is important to have insurance in place to protect the interior contents of your bar or restaurant. This can include things such as fixtures and fittings, kitchen equipment, till systems and any furniture – for example carpets, tables and glasses. When taking out a policy of this type, make sure you add up the value of all items, as this could be a costly mistake in the event of a claim if you do not have enough cover in place.
  • Business equipment insurance: Provides cover for the things that your bar or restaurant business needs to operate, such as computers, cleaning materials and stock.
  • Public liability insurance: Provides financial protection if an individual suffers an injury during a visit to your restaurant, or if their property is lost or damaged, and they make a claim against you.
  • Employers’ liability cover: If you employ any member of staff (including permanent, temporary, contractors or freelancers), then this is a legal requirement. The minimum level of protection is £5m, which will cover the cost of compensation claims if they get injured or ill while working for you.
  • Buildings insurance: If you own the freehold for your restaurant, then you need to take out buildings insurance to protect your most expensive asset. The policy will provide cover in the event of perils such as flooding, a fire or theft.
  • Business interruption insurance: Provides cover for financial losses if your bar or restaurant business can’t operate from its normal premises due to fire, major theft or a flood. This includes things like loss of income, rent, wages and bank loans and will help to keep your business operating for up to 36 months if the worst should happen.
  • Stock insurance: Provides cover in the event that your stock (such as food and drinks) is damaged through events such as fire or flooding, or if it is stolen. In addition, this type of cover may also provide protection in the event that your fridge or freezer breaks down and your ingredients are spoiled.
  • Theft of takings: If you take payments in cash, then you may want added protection in case of theft from you, anyone working for you or your premises.
  • Product liability: If a problem has occurred in your kitchen and the food you have served to a customer has caused them illness or injury, this type of insurance will protect you in the event of a claim.
  • Glass cover: This type of policy can provide protection in the event that the windows of your restaurant or bar and glass displays are damaged maliciously through vandalism.
  • Loss of licence: If you serve alcohol in your premises and lose your licence for reasons outside of your control, this will ensure your business can operate as usual.
  • Goods in transit cover:This will provide cover if goods are damaged whilst in transit to and from your premises or lost while being delivered by post or courier.

These are just examples of some of the types of restaurant insurance policies that we look after at The Yorkshire Broker. As we know that no two businesses are the same, speak to us today to find out which policies will best meet your needs.

Do I need pub or restaurant insurance?

For pub, wine bar, micropub and restaurant owners, employers’ liability insurance is the only type of business insurance that you are legally required to have if you employ staff (regardless of whether they are permanent or temporary). However, do you think you’d be able to keep operating in the event of something going wrong and a customer or member of the public makes a claim against you?

The other types of pub, wine bar, micropub and restaurant insurance we have looked at can help to provide important financial reassurance in the event of a claim, and should be considered in order to ensure that your business is properly protected.

The cost of pub and restaurant insurance

At The Yorkshire Broker we understand that cost is important to your pub or restaurant business, but it is crucial to ensure that you are properly protected in line with the risks your business faces. With that in mind, we will take the time to understand the specific needs of your business and recommend the amount of cover that is best suited to you.

How much pub and restaurant insurance cover do I need?

As food outlets all have different needs, the amount of cover that you require and the subsequent premium that you pay will depend on a number of factors:

  • The type of building you operate from.
  • The turnover of your business.
  • The number of staff you employ (both permanent and temporary).
  • Whether you hold functions and events.

How can I get pub or restaurant insurance?

The Yorkshire Broker have a team of specialist advisers ready to help you get the right protection in place for your business.  

We will take the time to understand the specific needs of your business and are committed to delivering a completely personalised service, ensuring that you have the best possible cover at the best possible price.

To find out how much peace of mind costs, contact The Yorkshire Broker by calling: 01924 929070.

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